Garrett Popcorn – Year of the Rooster Gift Set


CNY is coming and let me tell you, there is no better holiday than CNY for a snackerhead (see what I did there?) like me. It makes me drool just thinking about the mountains of candies and snacks that pile up at every family gathering. It is also a harsh reminder of all the gym time you have to put in after the holidays, but my advice is to just hold that thought for now and indulge in the moment.


img_5594Of course, CNY is a festival that’s so much more than giving than receiving. In my family, all the traditions are observed quite religiously and you simply have to bring a gift when going “Bai Lin”. Thanks to Garrett Popcorn, I already know what I will be bringing to the party! Their Year of the Rooster Gift Set comes with this season’s limited time offer, Dark Chocolate CaramelCrisp and their signature Chicago Mix flavor, and you even get a complimentary packet of “Lai See” envelopes and a gift bag for each purchase! Now I don’t need the envelopes, but I can certainly hand it over to my mom, AND THEN she can give me a little red packet of luck for the year ahead.


The only trouble is I’ll have to resist that temptation to finish the whole tin before even getting to the gathering, and then there is the sharing with my cousins once I get there… guess I’ll have to order a few more just for myself! If you haven’t figured out what to get your family yet, don’t say I didn’t give you a tip! Happy Year of the Rooster everyone!

…work hard, eat harder!


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