Strawberry Popcorn Forever

13170757_10153584580953008_969500607_oThere is something magical about fruit – this product of nature is often times delicious and beautiful all at once, and no matter how hard we try, you can’t come up with better recipes than that.

My perspective towards fruit has always been like that, and strawberry has always been one of my favourites. You can imagine how excited I was when I heard Garrett released their new flavour Simple Strawberry.13128669_10153584581013008_730891108_oNow there are a million varieties of fruity popcorn out there, and I have tasted quite a few. What’s special about this decadent can of goodness is the all natural flavours from the real strawberry coating, which proved to be a real difference maker. Before I knew it I was already half way through with my can, but that usual feeling of overwhelming sweetness when consuming a snack like this was nowhere to be found.13184772_10153584580898008_436942445_oI was really tempted to sneak the leftovers into the theatre and finishing it there, but my mom caught a glimpse of it and alas… I have to share the rest… Oh Well! I guess can consider it an early Mother’s Day treat.

You can now get this special limited flavour at all the Garrett outlets, but don’t wait too long because they will be gone on May 29! You will find me buying a bag at IFC or Festival Walk for sure!

…work hard, eat harder!


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