K town flavors from The Golden State

I never realized this when I was eating, but now I get it! U HANG – U-Shaped restaurant, makes perfect sense? I kept wondering why the setting was so funky and cool. Okay, enough for the bullshit, U-Hang actually means “trend” in Korean and it definitely lives up to its reputation as a hip spot in the “already came” neighborhood of Sai Ying Pun.giphy-1Anyway, I have digressed so back to the star of the show. Korean food! Now I know all ya’ll locals have been going crazy about Korean food for years now for whatever reason… I mean it’s not like you drink beer and eat fried chicken and suddenly you G-Dragon’s clone or something. I do not find him THAT attractive by the way.

I have digressed once again… really have to stop doing that. I am not the biggest fan for Korean food, especially the generic crap that most Korean places have the audacity to serve in Hong Kong.17.picBut U Hang was definitely something different. Their menu features a mix of Korean slash American dishes, most taken inspiration from Korea staples, with a little American magic, turning them into cali-kor hybrids. It might not sound that appealing in words but simply put – you get the best of both worlds.Before I go any further, I gotta warn you guys about the portions – they are prettttttty big! Me and my boyfriend made our usual mistake by ordering way too much to eat, but we were hungry and intrigued by the menu so yes lord of food forgive our sins for not finishing every single bite.


To start, we got the Crispy Mushrooms, KFE, and the Bulgogi Beef Tacos to share. These are the SMALLER bites so you have an idea how big is BIGGER.

Crispy Mushrooms($58) were fried to perfection and I am a huge fan of the light tempura-like batter they used. The spice game is also mos-def on point, as the seaweed dip and chili flakes gave the dish a real nice kick.KFE($88) is the vegetarian counterpart to the KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) you are all familiar with. Once again the flavor was impressive, and if you know me you would know that eggplant always gets extra brownie points. All in all very enjoyable appetizer to get your appetite going.My favorite dish of the whole meal is actually the Bulgogi Beef Tacos($98).My boyfriend made a few orgasm sounds when he had his and swore that it tastes like “how it should,” meaning it tasted like California. As a person that has never been to Cali, I was still wowed by how good this was. For a moment I was like – I need to do a feature for best tacos in HK! Then I realized there really ain’t that many to claim the title. The Angus beef chuck they used is aromatic to say the least, and I loved that they used a corn tortilla instead of a flour one to really compliment the meat perfectly.


Moving on the BIGGER bites, we got the Old School Fried Chicken Wings($128), the Stone Pot Rice with Fish Roe, and the U Hang Burger.My older followers would know that my journey to find decent fried chicken has not been the smoothest, but this one would definitely be ranked as one of the goodies. The only regret I had was not asking for all the sauces!The Stone Pot Rice($138+20 for beef) was another dish that got my boyfriend nostalgic about his restaurant days in Cali, but it was still great in my opinion even without any sentimental value! Give it a good mix before you eat it so all the good stuff inside start fuse together, and don’t forget to get the charred rice at the bottom! My advice is to go easy on the sauce as the ingredients are already well-seasoned, and you want to get a dry and crispy texture ideally without an abundance of liquid.Last but not least, the U Hang Burger($158). Let’s be clear, this was as good as any burger I have ever had, but I just couldn’t taste anything Korean about it hahaha. A little DIY would do the trick though and I added a bit of Kimchi to mine. Mas-Issneun!

Summer Love - soju, yuzu, lime juice

Summer Love – soju, yuzu, lime juice

So there you go, a fulfilling and EXTREMELY filling meal. Wash it all down with their seasonal yuzu themed cocktail and my favorite drink – Summer Love♥ ! Soooooo gooooooood!

giphyTotally coming back for more tacos and yuzu cocktails. Just saying. 😉

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 4.44.40 pm

U Hang: 58, High Street, Sai Ying Pun, +852 2549 6788


 …work hard, eat harder!


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