If sky’s the limit, I’d like to have brunch there – Ozone

I don’t really need to go anywhere fancy, but girls need to be spoiled every now and then you know? (Ideally everyday – I know you read this) So for my birthday recently I had the pleasure to enjoy brunch on the 118th floor of ICC – Ozone Bar, aka the highest bar in the world! Peanut butter and jealous? Yeah, you probably should. 😉The brunch is your modern day buffet style for starters and desserts, and you can pick a main of your choice. Unlike many of the other establishments doing this format, Ritz Carlton and Ozone definitely did not skimped on the buffet items, and there is ample portions of roast beef, lobster salad, shrimp cocktail and a variety of sushi all up for grabsBefore we move on any further, all you alcoholics out there would be happy knowing that there is an unlimited supply of Dom Pérignon champagne, and it’s Vintage 2015. whatttttttt! I think I might need a shower. Between the two of us, we picked the Deep-Fried Brioche with Lobster, Zucchini, Green Asparagus and Sesame Mayonnaise and Wagyu Beef and Foie Gras Burger with Foie Gras Ganache without hesitation. They took their sweet time before even serving the mains, which was awesome because it gave us plenty of time to just sip on bubbly and slowly make our way through all the delicious appetizers. They were simply all good. When they finally came after about an hour, I wasn’t exactly hungry anymore but OH MY LORD, they looked FAB. I have to say just the presentation alone was worth every single second of the wait.First, the Foie Gras burger. Let me go on record to say that this burger would have been a 10 even if they skipped on the Foie Gras, with a nicely filled out interior of a decadent patty covered with a thick layer of melted cheese, and of course a gourmet sesame bun that is toasted on both sides. A lot of people don’t care that much about bread but not me man, that ‘s what makes any sandwich or burger amazing. The Foie Gras was grilled to perfection and I certainly would have appreciated it even more if I was not already full. Best burger in town? I’d say… ABSOLUTELY HANDS DOWN-YES!The deep-fried brioche with lobster was just as good, even though I still don’t think anyone in Hong Kong has gotten it quite right yet. For this one, it has to be the butter or the bun they used, which of course came down to my personal preference too. The lobster however was top notch and simply delicious, and I wished I could just preserve that sensation when I chew and swallow this wonderful gift of nature. I’m a sucker whenever it comes to lobster. But who isn’t?By the time we finished the mains, there was barely any room left but the dessert bar was conjuring up seductive fingers and calling my name. I cannot recall exactly how many types there were but you would definitely not run out of choices. There may not be an out of the world kind of creation, but every piece of pastry was made with the fantastic ingredients. When you think about it, what more do you need to make a good old piece of cake or cup of mousse? 😉 With a couple final glasses of “self-made” Mimosas comprised of vintage Dom and fresh OJ, we left this food heaven under heavy rain thoroughly satisfied. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME !

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 4.30.01 pm

Dom Pérignon Sunday Brunch: Every Sunday from 12nn to 3pm, priced at HK$1,180

Ozone, Level 118, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

…work hard, eat harder!


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