Your local dealer for all sugary goodness!!!

Tucked away at one of the many staircases coming down from Hollywood Road, Munchies stays true to its name as a house of sweetness (or borderline gluttony if you want my honest opinion haha). Step into this creative hub with hand-drawn displays on the fridge, a wall full of #crazyhashtags and adorable drawings all over. The vibe is lively and cozy with wooden floors and warm lighting (as if the goodies they have ain’t welcoming enough 😉 )

Salted Caramel Icecream – legit!

Get your hands on their homemade goodies (I can’t specifically say what to get cos they’re all good) and you’re off to a calorie heaven. Wait, perhaps NOT because all products are organic, GMO-free with no preservatives, and they are all made with natural ingredients. WOW! I like how I’m not just telling myself this is a healthy donut and that is a nutritious scoop of ice-cream – because it actually is #kinda #yay #guilt-free 

Kick ass Salted Caramel Icecream Sandwich.

Salted Caramel Icecream Sandwich.

Every item on the menu is handcrafted, from egg-free ice-cream to no-fuss cookies and of course, their killer donuts. Where can you find a legit donutery in HK? NOWHERE! I don’t even know what’s a sugar rush or sugar high anymore, but I only know somewhere deep down in my body is screaming for more of the doughy goodness, never too sweet to handle!

If you can only get one thing, you should just get the DONUT ICE-CREAM SANDWICH – which means you are pretty much getting everything! This gluttonous creation is like any kind of ice cream sandwich after they take shots of steroids and smoke a pack of weed and become awesomeeeee!! And guess what? You can pretty much mix and match with whatever you want! Exhilarating freedom, but again maybe it is just the sugar talking. 😉

So yeah, Munchiesyour local dealer for all sugary goodness. Go get your fix man!

4 Shin Hing Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 4.30.01 pm

…work hard, eat harder!


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