I knew this was a mistake. I knew it.imageStepping into Babbo Trattoria sends you to Mong Kok, or somewhere in Kowloon but no, not Italy. They perfectly captures the essence of the dark side of HK. No offense but damn, I wonder if I’m still in Causeway Bay. The setting reminds me of Made in HK in Kwun Tong, except this is worse. Very tiny space with way too many tables and way too many people. When a small space is packed wi, it means noise- noisy as hell.imageI feel like I’m being trapped here forever in just a 5 mins time, there’re these steel bars adhere to those tiny ass windows- I can’t breath.imageDim lighting- pretentious high-end romantic vibe kind of shit, big fail.

Plastic folder menu

Plastic folder menu

Now, let’s go over the menu. Plastic folder like menu, nice touch.


The wheel of Grana Padano

$50 for tea and $40 for a bottle of water (Due to hygienic prob, we only offer bottle water) OH-SO-THOUGHTFUL! Pizza is relatively more reasonably priced, $100-$200. Pasta are $100+ and do they add “freshly shaved cheese” to everything ? NO. Hell No. They only do it for the caesar salad, which is $100+. I’m trapped, in a world of cheesiness, that cheesy wannabe kind of cheesiness. I’m writing this before my mains come and I’m already hating this resto, good job and can’t wait!imageimageTheir ever-so-famous caesar salad with “table-side” cheese shaving. What’s the point of putting down the dish without cheese and then take it back and bring it back with cheese? What’s the hassle man? Cheese is good, but is it good enough for innocent patrons to pay a visit? NO. JUST NO. And btw, no one ever introduced the cheese to me or told me about it. Isn’t the cheese the gold of this resto? Zero mention? really? *facepalmed*

imageBaked bread with a side of baked egg with cheese came 3 times. First time, “Omg I’m so sorry, the yolk is supposed to be runny, I’ll change it for ya”. Second time, “why is it not runny?” YOU ASKIN ME? Third time, served.

How bad can cheese n egg be? But guess what! This is disturbingly identical to egg n sausage muffin from Mc Donald’s, expect this is 10 times the price and without the sausage. (Mc Donald’s got better lighting btw)

Tick tok tick tok… where is my pasta ?imageHere comes the pasta, nice presentation man. Very enticing n inviting. Thick n heavy sauce, overly heavy. Linguini is fine but will I pay $200+ for this? NO, NEVER AGAIN.imageSteak- it’s okay. Edible but can’t really say anything good bout it except it’s medium rare done right. My boyfriend asked for Dijon mustard. They said they didn’t have it. He asked for regular mustard, they came back with Dijon mustard. Hooray!imageI see happy customers, I guess we just live in different worlds. Maybe u will like it too, but I’m telling u this ain’t my shit.

I’m reading reviews on openrice, hilarious. HILARIOUS. Sorry but I ain’t got no tastebutts but only tastebuds. imageARE U FUCKIN KIDDIN ME ? $1000+ for this shit? No, this is a NO. No mercy, No pity.
Now I’m gonna finish my $40 bottle of water and get my ass out here n breath n calm the fuck down. Fuck. Fuck I’m not calmed. Fuck you. FUCK.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 11.17.20 am

…work hard, eat harder!



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