Love you like a fat ass loves cake

I’m very picky when it comes to cake. I mean I’m really REALLY picky when it comes to cake. You don’t want a bad piece of cake to ruin your entire night, or even an entire birthday (FYI you only have one birthday per year). When a good piece of cake makes you feel thrilled to be eating it, a good birthday cake is what makes a truly Happy Birthday. Have you ever feel pressured to pick the right cake? Don’t worry, below are my top picks for BIRTHDAY CAKES in Hong Kong.

“BEAUTIFUL and FANCY” full stop. If Chanel and Dior are your girlfriend’s cup of tea, Ms B’s Cakery is your girlfriend’s piece of cake. (No shit.) Their cakes are pretty much as extravagant as luxury goods, except that they’re edible. Their cakes never let me down, just the looks alone win every girl’s heart. Their product aesthetics is of gold standard for which all bakery/ cakery should strive. I’ve had too many of them but they’re always and will always be a sweet surprise.


  1. BETTER THAN SEX (500g $480)

Dark and moist chocolate fudge cake with choc-coated caramel crunch and a burst of salted toffee surprise. Just the description alone makes me drool all over the place.


  1. ELEANOR (LEFT) (500g $630)

Pandan & Coconut Chiffon Cream Cake, White Choc Cornflake Crunch topped with Marshmallow. Very light and fluffy with a tropical kick. Oooo, so coconuty!


All Colours of the Rainbow in Chiffon Cake layered with Fresh Fruits and Cream topped with an Arch of Rainbow Marshmallow. Probably not the best pick for guys but it’s just too pretty…


  1. SUNSHINE (500g $630)

Lemon & Poppy Seed Chiffon filled with Tangy Lemon Curd and finished with Fresh Cream topped with Delicate Sugar Poppy Flower. Love the zingy touch from the lemon curd.


  1. OMG! (500g $720)

Layers of Gluten Free Chocolate Cake, smothered in between layers of Chocolate Mousse + Freshly Whipped Cream + Meringue with Cocoa Nibs…ALL SUGAR FREE. #nuffsaid

Ms B’s CAKERY: 39 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2815 8303

When it comes to my parents’ or cousins’ birthday, it’s always Island Gourmet, the cake shop behind the 5 star hotel Hong Kong, Island Shangri-la. As much as I love Ms B’s fancy creations, the most visited cake shop of the year goes to Island Gourmet every year. Hey, Ms B’s cakes are fancy but so are the prices! Meanwhile, Island Gourmet is more down-to-earth but shares the same top-notch quality. Their cakes are always spot-on, made with premium ingredients, which come with very fair and reasonable price tags (All 1.5 pounds cake are priced at $340). In case you haven’t noticed, my family is a HUGE fan of their cakes.

IMG_1366 IMG_1367

  1. FOLLY

Pistachio almond dacquoise biscuits with vanilla bavarois and fresh mangoes. This cake is all about adding brightness and colours to boring occasions. Simply said, this is birthday cake done right.



Chocolate meringue with bitter dark chocolate mousse and chocolate rolls on top. A meringue fanatic that I am, this is definitely my FAVOURITE CAKE AT ALL TIMES. A thick layer of creamy chocolate mousse set between layers of meringue atop by chocolate rolls and ganache. It doesn’t get any more decadent than this, no word of a lie.



Almond hazelbut dacquoise, crispy praline, thin layers of milk chocolate, jivara milk chocolate ganache and whipped milk chocolate cream. Words can’t express how awesome this cake is. Well play on textures and flavors are nicely balanced. IMG_1374

  1. CARACAS (Left)

Coffee biscuits with milk chocolate fondant and vanilla tiramisu mousse. It’s gorgeous inside and out, definitely worthy of any celebration.

  1. Raspberry Chocolate Cake (Right) 

I can’t find the official name of the cake, as this is apparently their latest creation. (Told ya my family is a die-hard fan of Island Gourmet!) As usual, this cake is devastatingly good and of course, it ruined my ‘no carbs’ diet.

Island Gourmet: Level 5 Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2820 8550

 There’s this one cake that absolutely stole my heart at Dolce 88. I’ve been going back for this alone and it would be utterly selfish if I don’t put them on the list.

IMG_1368Amedei Chocolate Salted Caramel Bomb ($328)

If you’re looking for something delicious and fun to put everyone in a sugar high, THIS IS IT. As far as chocolate cakes go, this is the richest of all. It’s all about that chocolate and chocolate… and chocolate. Loved its extremely smooth glossy surface and its thick and luscious, almost chewy texture. I could taste the real depth of chocolate flavor, slightly bitter with a touch of sweetness to round out the balance. The magical layer of popping candy cut through the sugar and took the cake to a whole new level.

Dolce88: JW Marriot Hotel Hong Kong, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Pacific Place, Admiralty, +852 28108366


When your birthday or your friend’s birthday roll around, make sure you order the right cake! 🙂

 …work hard, eat harder!


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