Big Shoutout to the (no longer) Secret Gem!

SSvenueNestled in the heart of Central but tucked away in a dark alley on Wyndham Street, Stockton is definitely not easy to locate. No signs of a bar or restaurant but once you make your way through the hidden alley and walk up a couple of stairs, you’ll find yourself in an old England social club back in the 1890s. (As if you hopped on a time machine..) Their leather sofas, antique furnitures, wooden walls with dim lighting and a cool as a cucumber atmosphere are the key components that make Stockton wicked special, bringing you back to the good old days.

ssvenue2Apart from serving top-notch whiskey, gin and rum, they also have a long list of cocktails from classic favourites to interesting mixers served in a fancy tea cup. Love their funky naming of cocktails, get me a”bitter bitch“! The drinks are fancy and so are the prices but the vibe alone is worth the money.

Soldier & EggsSoldiers & Egg ($90) Sea Urchin & Slow Cooked Duck’s Egg, Toast

mudcrabCracked Mud Crab ($180) Little Gems ,Charred Avocado, Smoked Caesar Dressing

Not only do they have dope cocktails, they also have a food menu featuring a range of classic seafood dishes, for example Soldiers & Egg($90), arrives atop a dollop of sea urchin, smash it and blend it with the eggy yolky, then dunk the finger-sized toast into that pool of slow cooked duck eggs goodness; Cracked Mud Crab($180), taste from the sea and eat it with a tiny teeny kick of bitterness from the little gems, MAMAMIA-UMAMI!; Rock Cod & Chips($260), legit fish and chips, served fresh from the kitchen.


IMG_3989Sticky Toffee Pudding, Vanilla Icecream ($90)

A huge toffee lover that I am, I can’t resist their Sticky Toffee Pudding. Just the name alone makes me go weak at the knees every single time, not to mention their toffee pudding is absolutely to die for, no word of a lie. Spoon a glop of the luscious pudding, then smother it with a lavishly thick layer of warm toffee and finish the spoon of heaven with a bit of vanilla icecream. Let it melt in your mouth, don’t chomp too fast and you’ll feel the endorphins filling up every fibre of your being. Simply said, this is PURE HAPPINESS!

IMG_3994Slice of Chocolate Decadence ($90)

Their Slice of Chocolate Decadence ($90), satisfied as a flourless melt-in-mouth robustly dark chocolate cake is another tick in the box. Nothing complex but features a nicely pronounced kick of bitterness to cut through the sugar. Its bitterness akin to dark chocolate goes very well with the scoop of vanilla icecream.

Great food that is way better than you think it’s going to be, the “not-so-secret” anymore location and the wicked cool back in the day setting are seriously haunting me and giving me no choice but to go back for more!

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 4.44.40 pm

…work hard, eat harder!

1/F, 32 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2565 5268


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