iPick for you at Kushiyaki Beco!

IMG_1361A group of passionate foodies and bloggers had a wonderful evening last month at Kushiyaki Beco with the great team behind the Hong Kong’s hottest new food social app, iPick.

10710652_1490829837845387_3836825839735638189_nFrom  https://www.facebook.com/ipickhk

Tencent, the company behind the well-known QQ instant Messenger and the leading social app WeChat has recently launched their first food-centric mobile app, iPick. As the name implies, the app helps users to pick and search for the restaurants they want. Essentially, it’s a search engine for users to look for information and reviews of restaurants simply by entering location, cuisine, landmark, etc. It allows users to discover the best local places, serving as your personal food guide. The most interesting feature of the app is their connection with different social platforms. You can easily plan meet-ups with your friends and invite them via iPick through WeChat.

photo-13-12-14-10-44-36-amAfter sampling the app, we found iPick very user-friendly. We especially love its clean and simple interface and their up-to-date features, for example they are now highlighting “Xmassy” and “Hot Pot”, which are perfect for the season!

IMG_1312Apart from sampling the new app and chatting with the brilliant team behind it, we also had a delicious dinner prepared by Kushiyaki Beco, a secret Izakaya tucked away in one of the stairways off Hollywood road.

IMG_1319IMG_1326We enjoyed their special tasting menu a lot, which included 15 dishes in total, plenty of goodness lining up for the night!

IMG_1309IMG_1348We tasted our way from salad and appetisers such as avocado and greenhouse tomato salad with black truffle sauce, salted squid with cheese and cracker, then to no end of Kushiyaki like short rib, chicken leg, ox tongue, bacon and rice cake, rolling in bigger dishes like the scrumptious grilled thread fin and ended with a delightful dessert, either Kochi rice ice-cream or Kochi Yuzu sherbet. Since it was a really long menu, we couldn’t help but to cut down a few dishes at last to avoid bursting at the seams.

IMG_1335IMG_1350All Kushiyaki were grilled to perfection with a subtle kick of seasoning, flavours were spot-on. It was so hard to tell which was our favourite among all. Simply said, they were all good!

IMG_1357The grilled Japanese tuna jaw with sea salt was not so photogenic but it was definitely the highlight of the night. We loved the tantalising meat under the thin crispy layer of golden skin, which was full of body, succulent and absolutely delicious!

The food, meeting the team behind iPick and Kushiyaki Beco, exploring and testing the new handy food app were all perfect for the evening. We can’t wait to spread the words and eat our way in Hong Kong with iPick!


…work hard, eat harder!


Kushiyaki Beco, 2 Shin Hing Street, Sheung Wan, 2581 1282


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