Waffle and Coffee

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Waffle is becoming a big hit in Hong Kong! Not only do we have our local Hong Kong style waffle but also waffle from Belgium, Taiwan, Japan, etc. So, how can a waffle shop stand out from the crowd?


Waffling Beans, a café specializes in hand-drip coffee and Liege waffles opened in Kennedy Town in May. My first thought was –“Oh, another waffle place? I doubt how good can it be.” However, it was actually pretty good!


Wild Mushroom & parmesan Risotto Balls ($86), Waffler’s Fried Chicken ($148)

Herbed Fish Goujons with Chilli-Lemon Aioli ($77), Pan-fried Chilli Garlic Shrimp ($98)

Waffling Beans serves all day dining from lunch until late, so basically waffles all day long. To be honest, I have never taken waffle as a proper meal, it’s more like a dessert or munchies to me. How does all day dining work with serving waffle? At Waffling Beans, they pair waffle with mains like ribs, meatballs and fried chicken. Normally we have sides, like fries or baked potato with mains but you can get more from here! A main goes with a waffle and two sides of your choice, how satisfying is this?


Farmer’s Delight ($80) and Pear-Up, Double-Cheese Down ($83)

Apart from their main meal options, I especially like their “In Between” waffles, such as Pear-Up. Double-Cheese Down ($83) with pear, sautéed red onion, melted cheese, drizzled with maple-balsamic glaze and The Wild Child ($82) with pear, gorgonzola, cinnamon and local wildflower honey. They feature an interesting combination of sweet and savory flavors, which are surprisingly good!

I’m sure Waffling Beans will soon be another hit in Kennedy Town, you may want to pay a visit before it gets crazily crowded!


…work hard, eat harder


G/F, Shop 9, New Fortune House, no4-8 North Street, Kennedy Town, 28558890



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