The Roof at Azure



Azure Restaurant Slash Bar 


Great for parties 

It’s almost hard to believe that one can find a rooftop bar in the heart of bustling LKF until you see the above picture. Most people, who claim that they have been to the roof at Azure turn out being disappointed. Well, to be honest, I felt the same for the first time. I was like “So, this is the so-called roof?” However, I realize that the one most people (including me) have been is the terrace located on the 30/F but not the actual roof! The roof is actually one floor above, where you needa take the stairs beside the bathroom. Now, for those who haven’t been to the “real” roof, you will have to pay another visit to Azure and enjoy the vibrant city skyline while choosing from Azure’s wide selection of wines and cocktails.


…work hard, eat harder

29-30/F, Hotel LKF by Rhombus, 33 Wyndham Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central 35189330


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