What’s fatass all about?

To embark on my fatass journey, I would like to start with something different.

What’s Fatasslovesfood all about? As the name implies, it’s certainly something about food but that doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? Fatasslovesfood is defo more than a guide/ blog but a platform to gather everything, literally everything food-related or fatass-related (basically everything I like..).

So, what makes a real fatass? Let’s see how fatass can you go!



  1. You are hungry 24/7

Doesn’t matter if it’s morning, noon, afternoon, evening or late night, you are hungry all the time. Eating is the only thing on your mind. JUST GIMME THE FOOKING FOOD!



  1. All your $ goes to food

It takes you ages to consider buying a $200 lipstick but only 3 sec or less to enter a fine dining restaurant and leave with an empty wallet. Well, it’s kind of an investment… kind of…



  1. Group dinner is the key

You start to enjoy having big group dinner simply because it’s the only and quickest way to try every single dish on the menu. Dinner for 2? Maybe not…



  1. Living restaurant search engine

When everyone starts to ask you “Where should we go for dinner?” and expects you to name a hundred restaurants in the neighborhood. WUTT! Seriously? Can’t you just Google it?


  1. The menu becomes your BFF

While your friends order food like, “Hi, can I get the chicken, fish or whatever for main?” and you go like “I would love to have the slow-cooked beef shank with caramelized onion and truffle potato mash.” You always know what to order and can perfectly picture the dish before serving. Ordering #likeaboss, always!


DW if you’re not a Fatass.. yet!

Keep reading and I’m sure you’ll turn one very soon!


…work hard, eat harder


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